Stain Remover

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Stain Remover works without chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals
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  • Problem & Solution

    So you went out to eat and spilled, splashed or dripped something on your blouse or trousers. Then your kids came inside from playing in the dirt and grass with stains all over their clothes. Panic time! How are you going to get those stains out of the clothes? You’re saying to yourself: “Those clothes are never going to look new again without using harsh chemicals!”

    Norwex says, “Oh yes they will!” With our powerful and effective gel-based Stain Remover, all those stains don’t stand a chance!

  • How To Use
    For best results, treat stains when new. Rub Stain Remover into the stained area completely. Wait one to five minutes depending on severity of the stain, and then wash according to the label care instructions. Launder in the warmest water recommended for the fabric. For extra tough stains, re-apply. Make sure the stain is removed before drying the garment.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Exceptionally fast-acting and effective against most food, soil, protein, grease and sugar stains
    • Penetrates and dissolves tough stains like coffee, tea, juice, grass, makeup, lipstick, mascara, wine and eggs and colored fruit stains like cherries, strawberries, mustard and tomatoes.
    • Virtually eliminates protein stains like blood and greasy stains like butter, ice cream, yogurt and mayonnaise
    • Say “goodbye” to ring around the collar and underarm stains
    • Ultra-concentrated with a neutral pH
    • Gentle and safe to use on delicates, colourfast fabrics, baby clothes and bedding
    • Safe for septic systems
    • Container is recyclable, HDPE #2.
  • Did You Know?
    Conventional cleaners contain bleach, ammonia, hydrochloric acid and other extremely toxic, corrosive chemicals, which tend not to break down on their own. Instead, they can linger in the environment—or your home—long after you use them. Growing evidence suggests that the high amounts of these chemicals are having a serious impact on our health as well as our air and water quality.

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